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Saints Bruno and Richard School offers a rigorous academic curriculum within a caring Catholic community and school environment. We follow the core curriculum established by the Archdiocese of Chicago, which is aligned with the state and national learning standards. Sts. Bruno and Richard School is certified by the State of Illinois. All teachers are also certified and hold a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees. Sts. Bruno and Richard teachers exemplify Christian values and demonstrate their commitment to their students and respect for the dignity for all.

Our instructional program includes grades Pre-K through grade 8 (PK-3 Bruno Campus and 4-8 Richard Campus) Each grade level incorporates content and activities that are developmentally appropriate and are aligned with the New Illinois Learning Standards incorporating the Common Core.  Academic subjects include Religion, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Technology, Physical Education, Art and Music.


The goal of the early childhood program is to develop children eager to learn by nurturing their curiosity, engaging them in hands on activities, developing their social skills and promoting respect for themselves and others.  ​The Sts. Bruno and Richard Preschool curriculum is theme-centered. The centers in the classroom are prepared with interactive materials to support exploration of the theme’s ideas and concepts. Math, science, social studies and reading readiness skills will be advanced as well as religion, art, music and physical activity.

​What do we offer?

  • Bilingual preschool teachers

  • Dual Language Program PK3-1st Grade

  • Full day program for 3 and 4 year olds

  • Learn through play

  • Teacher aides in all Early Childhood

  • Experiencing Jesus through Bible stories, Religion curriculum and prayer services

  • Small group instruction

  • Safe and interactive atmosphere

  • Curriculum based field trips

  • Physical Ed, Computer and Music classes

  • Computers in the classrooms

  • After School Clubs – Cooking and Tap Dance

  • Bitty Basketball and Soccer

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Throughout the elementary experience, Sts. Bruno and Richard school provides a rich, faith-centered education for all children.  We employ cross curricular techniques, thematically connecting lessons from subject to subject. While strong academic performance is emphasized, equally valued is the spiritual, social, physical and moral development of each child.​ At the primary level (K-3rd grade: Bruno Campus), Sts. Bruno and Richard students continue to develop a solid foundation of cognitive skills and spiritual integrity. With an emphasis on Language Arts, Reading and Phonics, Writing, and Math, our primary teachers strive to strengthen those core skills that will best prepare our students for the intermediate grade levels.

During the intermediate years (4th-5th grades) at Sts. Bruno and Richard, students continue to build and strengthen basic skill sets. Additionally, students are exposed to higher level writing exercises and problem solving skills at this time. Students begin to see connections between lessons in class and real world applications.

Student Learning

Recognizing that junior high is a unique transitional phase, our goal is to personally connect with and engage students spiritually, socially, emotionally and intellectually. High standards and a challenging, integrated curriculum provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to become critical thinkers, active citizens, and responsible leaders.

The junior high students:


  • Grow spiritually to become leaders of their faith

  • Learn vital organizational skills

  • Identify global issues and realize the power of their voice

  • Recognize and analyze mathematics in real world situation

  • Develop scientific inquiry through hands-on experiments

  • Create diverse, eloquent styles of writing

  • Expand upon understanding through multimedia experiences

What do we offer?

  • Full day Kindergarten

  • Go Math – Common Core Math program

  • Title 1 Services

  • Counseling

  • Safe and interactive atmosphere

  • Curriculum based field trips

  • Physical Ed, Computers, Music and Art classes

  • Technology integrated with regular classroom work and dedicated lab time

  • After School Clubs – Games, Tech, Tap Dance, Choir, Chess, Mathletes, Study Hall

  • Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball

​What do we have to offer?


  • Departmentalized classes for Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Ed, Art and Music

  • Counseling

  • Title 1 Services in Math and Reading 

  • Safe and interactive atmosphere

  • Explore human growth and development topics in the Family Life Program

  • Field trips to enhance academic growth

  • Technology integrated with regular classroom work and dedicated lab time

  • After School Clubs – Science, Forensics, Robotics, Choir, Study Hall, Newspaper, Student Council

  • Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball

Religion Class Every Day

Religious education is the core of the curriculum at Sts Bruno and  Richard School. In addition to daily formal classroom instruction, faith development is enriched through school liturgies prepared by teachers and students. All parents/guardians are always welcome and encouraged to attend these liturgies.

Sacramental Programs 

Sts. Bruno and  Richard School and the School of Religious Education follow the same program of sacramental preparation. Children in second grade are prepared for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Students in eighth grade are prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. If a student comes to us needing these sacramental preparations outside of these grade levels, instruction is provided. There is a fee that accompanies the preparation necessary for the reception of the sacraments.

​All programs involve not only the students but also the parents of the students in the sacramental preparation program. Parents are expected to attend the parent meetings and to use the home session activities. Formal education of the child takes place at school. The parents must give the informal instruction and guidance to the child at home. As primary educators of their children, parents must be aware of the responsibility of attending Sunday Mass and encouraging participation in the sacraments as an example for the entire family.

Each student preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation is expected to complete the required extra activities, projects, and service hours, as well as receiving a passing grade in religion.

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