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Founded in 1926, St. Bruno School is a Catholic elementary school dedicated to educating the youth of its diverse parish. As such, the school provides a foundation of academic excellence with a contemporary, Christ-centered curriculum in a positive, respectful atmosphere. We prepare our students for life-long learning and responsible citizenship in the Church and global community.​

St. Bruno School is part of the St. Bruno Parish community which was founded in 1925.  The school began in 1926 with the first graduating class, consisting of five girls, graduating in 1927.​ The building the school is housed in was first a combination Church and school building.  The multi-purpose building held the church on the first floor with the school located above.  The building stayed this way until 1955 when the groundbreaking for the new church building took place. ​

​Once the new church was completed, the school took over the first floor, expanding into much needed new space. The Pastor of the parish in 1962 realized that the school needed more classrooms and an addition was planned and built in 1963.  With the completion of the addition, St. Bruno School had not only more classrooms, but also administrative space and a new school library.  In 1977, as an improvement to the school and its expanding youth sports program, the St. Bruno hall expansion and school gym were completed; these also serve as a meeting place for the parish’s clubs and school and parish events.  In the 1990’s, with the aid of city and federal money, the school underwent a Noise Abatement Project to soundproof and renovate the building to enhance the learning environment free of air traffic noise.  Also in the 1990’s, the parish dedicated the St. Joseph’s Room. a previously unused portion of the school building, as the parish’s new community meeting facility, unused classrooms were converted to a computer lab and science lab.  In the past few years, a phone system throughout the building has been installed with security cameras at every door.  A playground was built in the south courtyard and a landscaped memorial garden graces an entrance way.

​Enrollment has remained stable over the years.  The school population consists of a diverse group of Hispanic, Polish, Asian and African American children. We were once only a parish school, but are now receiving students from a broader geographic area.

In 2022, St. Bruno merged with St. Richard School to become a single, unified campus.

St. Bruno School


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